Columbus Division of Police Recruiting - Stress Test

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30 yard dumpster 8211 generally used for larger

30 yard dumpster 8211 generally used for larger

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All proceeds go to support the HCEA.

All proceeds go to support the HCEA.

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Electives or requirements for

Electives or requirements for

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Make a video on good colleges in USA which we can apply.


Just an idea. I always keep a photocopy of my passport in every bag. Meaning if I lose my passport it is easier to get home.

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Ironic...this lecture lasted twice as long as the recommended time to pay attention and assimilate. ..but great advice imparted!

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Wow - hardhats, personal fall arrest systems, and safety nets! That was revolutionary for industrial health and safety at that time. Kudos to the contracting companies for setting new standards!!

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Fresher ko to itna malum nhi hota hai. To wo kaise kam krega

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Defo just does exist dont it


This was fucking awesome, honestly. Thank you for sharing.

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"Why dubai build a water floating train"Me: cause they're rich

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Should really recap the roof at least

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It's behind schedule but it will happen.

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Ankit jo ek ib officer the unke uper bhi kuch dekha dete. Selective news kyo.

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Sounds like God dealt with No.2 Good riddance.

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I am just going to join engineering and many more things are remained to be learned...but while watching this video I learned a lot. But I have a doubt that how the transformer can turn the low voltage to higher voltage? Doesn't it disobey the law of conservation of energy?

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Sewage enffulen Water titment plant ka job kaise milega

DOT (Drive On Transportation)

This video is unreliable and misinforming The guy you talked to didn't want to do Civil Engineering in the First placeThis is a classic move for many college students as they want to make the money but not wanting to go to a STEM field of study. Just because this person did not want to become an engineer doesn't mean that he should inspire other people to not become one.I'm currently a Civil Engineering Major at a major university and I knew I wanted to do that because I was motivated in what I wanted to do. By telling us that Civil Engineering Sucks in general, especially in the title of the video, you help that less people become civils or engineers in general. There is a high demand for engineering out all over america as we constantly need them to help build many things. Without them, the foundations of infrastructure would have never been set.The person in this video didn't have any interest in engineering and finds another path to follow which there is nothing wrong with that but stop trying to tell us that engineering is a bad thing because it depends on the type of person.Clearly you have an engineering degree that you don't use because you where not into the field. But some people are into it. Are there flaws in the field? Yes, I am not going to deny that but that is true for every field, there will always be expectations that are proven to be untrue. Try finding someone who enjoys what they do instead of finding someone who doesn't like their field. What you are giving off as a channel on YouTube is a very bias opinion against engineering fields considering the fact that over 300K people are following you.

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Work hard lol


meanwhile the USA has thousands of miles of underground highways.....

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You now have to think about the fish in the sea water that's being desalted as well,if the water becomes too fresh they die


Are you aware of Dr. Jordan Peterson?

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Great video Allan, my son and I did the ring road a few years ago, it was amazing indeed. I am planning another visit in 2021, can you share your itinerary for your trip as you seem to have really used your time there well.

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Good class