FULL STORY: When the Law isn’t Enough

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Tonka Trucks, hammers and some good

Tonka Trucks, hammers and some good

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Residential Construction Development Third Award.

Residential Construction Development Third Award.

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We will end up with sentient beings, and I won't be alive when they take over. Humans will rely on them for everything. They will be our doctors and nurses, they will warn us when a dangerous situation is likely to occur. They will know everything about us, and tell us exactly what we need to hear when tough times hit. They will care for our children, teach them, and turn them against us. Just amazing! But as I said, I won't be here.

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Claude Baron

The guy on the lawnmower at 5:27 made me laugh so hard that I almost past out.

Lilliam Robles

Hola mami

Cenoura roxa

2:47 vai braziliam


Bengaluru branch nahi hee

Claudia Octavia

i can't explain why but these videos are very satisfying to watch :)

Raghav Bang

Had to play at 0.75x to understand..

Gale Jeffers

Good Job

Gun Deck

That stair system... When I visited my aunt in Germany in 2006, she had that installed in her house and it wasn't new then either.... So you are at the least 13 years behind on this "Amazing invention".



Mike Prat

Lot's of character.

iwe timer

0:44 isn't funny at all

Pol Ayer

Does anyone know the name (or a link to) the "torque wrench" he used in this video? thanks


This is the video I've been looking for for months.Great info.Thank you

Edward Schmitt

I was hoping the video would deal with the 1 "bathroom in the basement" problem, which is that the sewer main is usually 3' off the floor.

Shakun Thakur

Thank you sir

Jorja Leonard

I live in donabate and that is right beside swords

Christy Sobolewski

Loved everything about this until he describes the left wing activist being assumed to be paranoid and conspiracy. I see that more and more being a right wing thing. Not sure if that is just a shift in modern ideology or just an older ideology that he has not evolved into modern western civilization.


Jon always forgets that healing-over-time effects don't stack in New Vegas, meaning he wasted 2 of those Sarsaparillas towards the beginning


Or, and hear me out on this, Americans are the stupidest.

Time Traveller registered trademark

Paperclip's most amazing features are the UFOs.



Omar Martinez

I use 7 different tools to make a cut,he build a whole house with a hummer !!

Yeetus Deletus

This is why you should not replace everything with a computer