Giant crane collapses at Indian construction site

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Logos database editorial logos find

Logos database editorial logos find

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Government Agencies.

Government Agencies.

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I love K S, but they ignore a few things. 1.) What about things like this - "How Calif will steal 553,000 votes from Sanders" 2.) They, like others, take it as a given that a candidate should "adjust" their campaign strategy, the inference is: dress it up here, lay off this part. ... And what's left?A game.A horse race.3.) The system itself, voting irregularities aside, is PROFOUNDLY corrupt unrepresntative.Third parties are legislated out of a viable presence The Electoral College with only a few states "important" states for a candidate to spend time in.4.) People vote - and they think they've fulfilled their role as citizens.Sanders or whoever is a knight in shining armor who, if elected, will solve lots of problems. ... And if my guy isn't elected, well, hell I give up, what more can I do?As Howard Zinn said: what's more important than who's sitting in The White House is who's sitting-in -- in factories, at lunch counters, in politician's offices.5.) For programs like The Rising - e..g, J Dore's program, K Kulinski's program, TYT - it's inevitable, they become "entertainment," the next poll is big news the forest recedes as the trees are closely examined. 6.) Sanders, in this quadrennial cycle, says he's a revolutionary.But anyone one in media who is honest knows ... he's not a revolutionary ... but he says it and the media buys into it, it makes for a good how.I want Sanders to win but he's NOT a revolutionary he's NOT a socialist.And if elected nothing will change without people mobilizingfor change!All lasting, meaningful political change always comes from the bottom-up.Still, KS do EXCELLENT work.It's jsut that their focus could, as Krystal puts it, "zoom out."In solidarity with respect and admiration for your work, KS, TF


I remember going to Disney during Christmas holidays! Me and my family decided to go to haunted mansion, and it was decorated for Nightmare Before Christmas! As we were at the Jack Skellington animatronic, the ride had a malfunction! As I was hoping we would get an in show exit, but it was just a malfunction. And it did happen again during the pumpkin scene!


ok this is going way to fast for me. I got the title in at 48 as describe. I can not figure out how you did that formatting thing right after. is there step by like exactly where click what like dummies i guess cause i'm not getting it. Sorry thanks.

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US military: wanna join the US military?Guy: sureUS military: welcome to the 1024 division, 946 brigade, 643 regiment, 232 battalion, 88 infantry company,45 platoon,5 section of the infantry engineer Air Traffic Control soldier civil oil maintenance group stationed at Antarctica. Oh did I tell you what you were doing? Your doing security for at oil rigs.Guy: why did I need my engineer, ATC, oil maintenance solder degrees?Military: oh that's just to put you in a group with the 476,755,336,445,865,676,365 other soldiers, yeah you won't need any of those degrees.Edit: Shot! I may have just mentioned someone from the US military!

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This video is one of my favorites. Like in Steven Covey's book turn the ship around, we have to use a leader- leader style instead of a leader-follower.

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The guy did not say if he used Type M OR Type L copper tube. The test may have had different results for the copper. There's a little more expense to using Type L so most Plumbers avoid using for more profit on the job, especially on new Home Construction. There's no more work to using Type L, it's just a material cost difference. I think this guy is just pushing Pex which seems to be the new Home builders choice for cost. The major builders will use and try to get away with the least costs for building which maximizes profit. When you are building hundreds of homes "cookie cutter" style it's all about costs. I notice that Home builders are not forced to offer a 5 year warranty on a home. Spending hundreds of thousands dollars for a home should be backed with more confidence than is required. Buying Cars new get a better warranty relatively speaking and considering what elements the car is exposed to. New cars can range on average between 25000 and 38000 dollars. Cars can have a 5 year and 100000 mile warranty for that expense. Time to regulate the builders and Not have them allowed to pass on that expense to the buyer either.

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Where do I get something like the "safety man's toolbox" you have on your truck? Btw, great video! Experience and hands-on is the best way in my opinion to grow in the safety field.


Superb advert for Lufthansa and the beautiful A350... a unique and possibly even one-off snapshot in time of a glorious combination...


I watched this documentary coz it featured Richard Hammond. Whether its Top gear or something else, his way of explaining stuff in the most interesting way possible is simply pleasing to watch.

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Nice video, but notice how they wouldn't show the d39 Komatsu dozer lol.

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She is beautiful


let's see have 5 people work on wall vs robot that need help to work?


Mam job bataiye please