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25 years of construction management experience.

25 years of construction management experience.

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Since an integrated conduit is required to

Since an integrated conduit is required to

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Hi. where can i buy a router template.for stills and rails for making raised paneldoors thank you.


Japan has a lot of Volcanoes, how does it keep it volcano proof?

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Learned a few things today. Thanks

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And they studied in the US.

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So you are asking other people to improve and alter your design so you can pick everyone's best innovations then make money off selling those plans?

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Most comment are pilipinos


Companies are so against unions because they protect the workers and give them a voice.

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obsessed with desing!!!

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You recommend models to interior design? I'm interiors architecture and rehabilitation student

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Tucker has been body snatched.

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You forgot your Aussie viewers. All good. Like your Build show trying to apply it to Solid Brick wall house built-in the 50,s. Jeff

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electrical required components explain name with photo ex. MCB,fuse


If you want big pay jumps, then the easiest way is to move to a new company after a few years otherwise your pay will just plateau.