NEW GAME MODE - Survival Roleplay Farming Simulator 17 | Letton Farm - Ep 1

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Dulce Wilcox

She's got some very valid points but her personal support of the Trump administration is a red flag for me. Just arrived back from Venezuela and I have seen the affect of Trump's foreign policy against the DEMOCRATICALLY elected President Maduro and his government with my own eyes. Trump is just as bad or even worse than Obama.

Messis ron Kor

U do know that u could use cheat engine to cheat ur way up to 1000 potions?


What kind of grease was that around 8min, it looks like he's feeding it carrots lmao.

man of steel Goodmanll

That stinks21:54.


This video was more like a bunch of ads with a few minutes of video included.

Mpalas Kokkalis

1.000 .

John Wick

might be largest factory for trucks but not largest truck factory

T Sal

Wow absolutely amazing!! You do great work....Wish I could build a house like that! I like that your crew is safety conscious. Keep up the good work my friend!!

Khubaib Reyaz

Sir may I go to toilet?

Sheikh Akbar Hussain

Awesome flight guys. Happy Landings!

piyush ravalji

Sar 18 yearsdriver


It’s all gonna be like that after Disease X

Bradley Cittel

I’ll keep my cat 375


fight that guy hard rockyyyyy!! right gut punch into drywall..

Arjrpz Work

I wish warrenbuffet would give me a break.

Craig Vanet

These guys work hard. I see alot of people saying this is the hardest trade. It is not. Refractory tear out is. And relining. Tieing bar is hard ive done it. But running a 90lb jack hammer in a furnace thats still 130 degrees for 3 days just to shotcrete it or lay brick inside it is by far the hardest job there is. Ive done both.

Ps549624 Sah

Asal me aapko job ki jaroorat h

Tim Samosa

Very very cool vid.

Chris P

Or the waste time and money game.... its shit. Not American.

Blake B

How does the rain affect construction in seattle?

paijem bakul cenil

Sweet Home

Rene Dulnuan

7 seas explorerfor MySpiritual Princess RENE MARY



Rory Sutherland

Love the bump cutter!

Miles B.

So grian has a parrot and is a parrot and you are a cod oh Scar is a wizard Grian also lives in a hobbit hole with an exp farm he is letting scar use