YUVAN Mashup 2K18 | Stanley & Sathya | Yuvan Selva | Straight From Our Hearts

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Whatever custom home you have in mind,

Whatever custom home you have in mind,

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no problem....use the bee engineers....plenty of them withpaper degrees....only good for SA.....NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY....LOL

Mike Wright

How old is this video? 785 Cat Haul trucks? Heck they’re babys now. 793 and 797’s now exist

Saqib Shafique

Thank you, it was helpful !

Kyle Johnston

What kind of boat is that ? Pretty sweet looking sport fisher ?

Canuck Loyalist

Gallant men and one heck of an aircraft,but one has to wonder what the P38 would have done with a Merlin or Griffon installed.

Laura Cataldo

Jim Yehle is a civil engineer by education.

sherrie Moon

Used Germany banner I’m the museum. That’s a good reason for YouTube to flag and demonetize this video.


Boy This lady doesn't seem to have anyidea about the health care situation of Americans . Folks with no/crappy insurance / no sick days / can't afford to miss a day are gonna work till they drop and the disease could spread.

Exam Cracker

sir I have done btech in electrical engg with 76% in 2016 and three year gap.my pte score is 60.plz suggest me .Am I eligible for canada for PG diploma

Tremayne Crear

You're a terrible teacher. Teach the internal and external dimensions. This is not for beginners you really suck as a teacher

Alex Dobson

Hi I have like little white maggot looking things with long tails I don’t know what they are or if they will hurt my fish ??

Beverly Smith

That is a beautiful it would be pretty to put some plants on top of the rocks on each side great job you guys.

Teodora Molnar

But .. I don't have a bed. I sleep on a couch in a flat.


Fyi jst so everyone knows, theres nothing like a financial engineer lol we need to stop abusing the word engineer